We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Autostoffering Carla in the spotlight.

Carla is Adelbert’s wife (the owner of The Mustang Garage). She is very supportive of everything The Mustang Garage organizes, including the Mustang Fever. She is also the owner of her company Autostoffering Carla. Autostoffering Carla replaces the interior of cars. This can be both new cars with a contemporary design, but also oldtimers in the original style. Of course you also have the option to put together your own interior, Carla is happy to help you!

In addition to upholstering car interiors, the company is also specialized in covering cushions, furniture and performing repair work on tents and sails.

The company is located in the Netherlands just across the border. Autostoffering Carla is also present at the Mustang Fever. You will probably see Carla more than once in the golf cart.

You can contact Carla via info@autostoffering-carla.nl or 046-4758164